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来源:CQ9电子   发布时间:2019-04-26

报告题目:Spherical formation tracking control for second-order agents with unknown general flowfields and strongly connected topologies






陈杨杨,1981年生,2010年博士毕业于东南大学CQ9电子,现为东南大学副教授,博士生导师.江苏省双创人才,IEEE会员,IEEE Robotics and Automation Society会员,中国人工智能学会智能空天系统专业委员会委员,中国自动化学会青年工作委员会委员, 多自主体控制学组委员。2006年以来一直从事多运动体编队控制和寻迹编队控制,第一作者发表SCI/EI论文30多篇,申请国家发明专利7项,5项已授权;主持和参与国家“863”、军口“863”以及自然科学基金等项目10多项。曾担任中国控制会议2013/2014/2016/2017分组共同主席,中国控制与决策会议2016分组主席,ICCA2017,CISC'2017分组主席。主要从事复杂网络与复杂系统;多智能体协作系统;目标识别和跟踪(模式识别);智能电网;非线性系统与控制;自适应估计方面的研究


This presentation addresses the problem of directing a family of second-order agents suffering external flowfields to achieve the lateral formation tracking motion on a target sphere. Distinguishing from the existing results based on bidirectional networks, the paper firstly attempts to deal with the fixed, directed strongly connected multi-agent systems and then the switch directed networks with the strong connectivity of each topology. Both the velocity field (e.g., the constant-velocity flowfield, the rotating flowfield, Eulerian specification flowfield, the parameterized flowfield) and the gravitational field are under consideration, where the flow specification is a spatiotemporal variable with an unknown parameter vector. Therefore, it is known as the general flowfields. To access to the fixed network, a new second-order observer for the velocity field as well as an adaptive estimate for the gravitational field are constructed by using the tool of adaptive backstepping in the beginning. They, together with the distributed control laws in the spherical normal, lateral and longitudinal directions, are proposed to accomplish spherical tracking, circular tracking and lateral formation. For the purpose of avoiding the overparametrization of observer and reducing the complexity of design, a minimum-order observer is proposed later. Finally, our proposed methods servicing to the fixed topologies are developed to the cases where the switching topologies are directed and each one is strongly connected. The stability of the fixed and directed strongly connected system is investigated based on the Barbalat's lemma, meanwhile the Lyapunov stability theory of nonsmooth systems is introduced to analyse the stability of the switching cases.Theoretical results are proven by the numerical examples.

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